Life in her eyes

Hmm.. ..Complication

My definition of life!


Because.. Ever since I started maturing and realizing that there is a difference between a girl and a boy..

Ever since I was labeled a certain personality because I have a certain name, or seen in a different lense because of how I tie my hair..

Ever since I read that people argue over evolution or creation, beauty or knowledge, money or power, blue or pink..

Ever since that night I heard my father saying that to my mother and saw her crying..

Ever since friends started arguing that smoking weed is better than smoking ciggatets or drinking, or going to church, or studying..

Ever since I started watching the news and I saw all the power struggle between the east and the west or the internal tribal disputes..

Ever since I heard a family member doing what’s unimaginable on another family member and all stood there looking..

Ever since a priest did that to a kid, America did that to the east, a man did that to his wife in an Arab country, a mother abandoned her baby on the street, politics and religion was enforced on a society and people stated to sleep with their kind or change their genders..

Ever since I created my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all those sharings of feelings and photos with quotes that don’t match them or those abbrivations that I had to Google started appearing on my news feds..

Life has gotten nothing but complicated!

Life would have been so easy, if everyone did what they are supposed to, how they are supposed to and when they are supposed to..


Humanity failed me, failed us

We failed ourselves, the past and the future

Made life a challenge, a path that leads to the wrong, an end by itself..

I know it was never to be smooth, that is what I hear, but then again I am reminded it all leads to one end, the unescaped, unquestioned, unargued

Like a line at a store, not to get your items this time but to get the rewards of your deeds, to never redo what you have done, neither to undone it

The end to the complication,

As it all started simple it is going to end simple, the path to perish, the life to stop, the end to it all


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