Time-Talk-Life.. the finite life!!

Nothing in this world is finite. I mean, we just evolve. Matter evolves, human beings evolve- we are born, we grow then we die and then we decay, meaning we evolved into a different form, a different type. No, I am not a scientist, neither is this post about the above two sentences rather the total opposite. I might provoke you or I will give you something to think about. Some of you might even think I am crazy. Keep an open mind-that is how I got to my conclusion.

FINITE! Isn’t that scary? How scary is being limited? Cropped and sized to fit a certain scenario. I did not know how finite I am up until recently. Finite. Yes, I am and so are you. I cannot think of anything in this world that is not finite, except God ( do not even argue about that). They say numbers are infinite, well I do not know about that so I cannot say (I never say things that I am not sure of). But everything else is just finite, confined, bounded, limited.

How? Start with your body, your body is from the top of your hair to your toes- your height, from your back to front and to the ending of your hands. See how simple this is? How finite you are? Not satisfied? Okay lets take another example, time. Yes this might not be a great example but I think it proves my point. You have a year, months, weeks, days, hours… yes, your time is confined by that ticking sounds of the second-hand on your watch. Finite time. Finite body.

What else? Hmmmm, let me see the food you eat is finite, because you can only have a finite amount resulting from a finite amount of stomach you have. This might be a little dumb but it is what it is. Anyways let me go back to the most important element that basically limits all our deeds and all our lives- TIME! The boundary that time has on the human life is unimaginable. We have been bounded by time that the words that come out of your mouth are 50% *(my estimation and of course pure assumption) have become about time. I like to call it the time-talk-life. It is time to get up, what time should I come pick you up, when should we meet, when is your appointment, anniversary, decade, century, today is my friend’s birthday, next year I am going to graduate, I am visiting you next summer.. The list goes on and on. Just think about the phrases, the words, the conversations you have about time. So, am I wrong? I do not think so.

Time-talk-life is what has come to my attention when I just started working. “Everything should go according to the timeline on the proposal” that was one of the first few sentences that stuck in my head. I mean I have had college and all the assignments, the submission dates and all, but work was more time bound. The time I should be at work, the time I go out, meeting durations, lunch breaks, reports, my God, REPORTS! Yes, you all know what I am talking about. Anyways, I started arranging everything accordingly. My life started lining up and revolving, yet again to another finite element, -work. Then my life became more finite, more rounded by the events of my work.

Hmmmm.. the more I think about it, the more things started becoming vivid, our time-talk-life is all we think of. Our love life is finite, “I will love you always..” see what you do not know is the fact that always is until some defining and limiting event takes place in your life. It could range from a fight to death, I mean your own death not your partners. You think I am crazy right? No, I am not. Just think about it. If you die, you will not feel the love, the “I’ll always love you” you have said for your partner, all those feelings are molded by the finite time you have on earth. It is just as simple as that. Just take a couple of minutes (one of the time-talk-life phrases) and think about this. The finite activities you do, the big element of our life that shapes our life in ways we cannot imagine.

Finite work, finite activities, finite food, finite people, finite love, finite life, finite time! Everything is finite.

The time-talk-life.. ..we are finite!


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